Prepare ahead of time

Do some research on who will be attending the trade show, who are the keynote speakers and what topics they will be speaking about. Usually, when you register for the event, the website that markets it will breakdown each day in a schedule as well as who is speaking and the topic being discussed.​​​​​​​



There are a couple options that I use to conduct an interview.


First, always ask up front if you can record the audio and or video of the conversation.

If A-OK then I use my smartphone for everything. If it's just the audio, then I have an app installed on my phone that records speeches or lectures. If I'm recording video the I usually ask someone to hold the phone and record it or I also have a selfie stick.

Your Gear



Batteries Drain

Always make sure you bring you Phone charger or a backup battery.​​​​​​​

It is really inconvenient when your phone dies in the middle of an interview or taking that perfect pic.



Be the Investigative Reporter

Now that you have done a bit of research about a few people or companies that are attending the Trade Show, compile 4-5 key questions you can ask them when you meet them.

Most will spend a few minutes with you if you politely ask them if you can do a quick interview.

If you are prepared then you will look professional and the questions will be on point.

I'll leave the questions to ask up to you......



I always like to bring a little backpack that has a few bottles of water, some power bars as well as business cards and company literature that you can provide to future contacts.

Always ensure you provide the owner of your company's business card for them to contact as well.




As a Project Manager, you are the Hub Of managing your Projects.

Out in social and business functions look try looking at yourself as a customer or client hub.

Always look for ways that you can introduce 2 People together that will benefit from each other. ie. Supplier to consumer or manufacturer to supplier etc.

Be Known as the Project Manager who is a helper or provider of Value to others. You'll be amazed at the impact you will make on those around you.

Be A Hub



I Know this really shouldn't be said but especially when returning from a Trade Show.

Your head can be spinning from all the conversations and go-go-go that it can be hard to remember everyone you spoke to.

So Give it a few days....not too long, and follow up with key people that could use your product or service in order to make them successful in their company or lives Well.

I hope this helps you in any way.

Follow Up